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General Terms of Use

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The information and documents of our Website are only indicative and presented to you to promote our products and services. The information and documents presented may neither be considered as an offer for products and/or services by us, our partners or third parties, nor as advice or instructions regarding the use of our products and services.

Please read carefully the present Terms of Use. By accessing the Website, you indicate that you accept and understand the Terms of Use. If you do not accept our Terms of Use, please refrain from accessing our Website.

We may amend the Terms of Use at any time without prior notice. Please remember to visit this page regularly and to acquaint yourself with any amendments. The version of the Terms of Use published on the Website at the relevant moment is applicable between you and us.

In the Terms of Use, the words ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ refer to Q&A. ‘You’, ‘your’ and ‘yourself’ refer to the person using or accessing the Website.

1. Definitions

In the Terms of Use, the following capitalized terms shall have the following meanings:

GTCS: our general terms and conditions of sale, as amended from time to time.

Terms of Use: this general terms of use, as amended from time to time.

Content: any software, work, process, service, layout, design, technology, trademark, logo, business name, invention, description, image, sound, music, video, information and any other content available on the Website.

Privacy Policy: our privacy and personal data protection policy, as amended from time to time.

Website: the website(s) https://www.magma.qa

Q&A: the company Q&A Watches SA, duly registered in Geneva, Switzerland.

2. Privacy Policy

Within the framework of the collection and processing of personal data, Q&A is subject to Swiss laws regarding the protection of data. For more information, please consult our Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of the Terms of Use.

3. General Terms of Sale

The purchasing of our products and services through the Website is governed by the “GTS” GTCS, which are an integral part of the Terms of Use.

4. Accuracy, Completeness and Timeliness of the Information

We make reasonable efforts so as to ensure that the information on the Website is exact and complete. However, we may not be held liable should this not be the case. Any reliance on contents displayed on the Website will be at your own risk. You understand that it is your responsibility to inform yourself of any and all modifications in the contents of the Website. Q&A declines any liability related to the foregoing.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

Copyrights and other intellectual property rights on the Content are the property of Q&A or used with the permission of the concerned owner. You are authorized to navigate on the Website and to reproduce excerpts thereof, by print or download on a hard disk, for yourself or your friends and family, provided that the rights of the author and other symbols of intellectual property ownership remain intact. No reproduction of any part of the Website may be sold or distributed for commercial purposes, amended, or incorporated to another work, publication or website.

Q&A and, as the case may be, its partners, shall remain owners of all rights on the Content, which is protected by copyright, design law, trademark law or patents and by all other intellectual property or industrial property law applicable.

No part of the Website is intended or may be construed as giving you a licence or a right of use on the Content. Subject to express exceptions as foreseen by these Terms of Use, any use of the Content by you is strictly forbidden.

6. Link to Other Websites

Links on the Website may lead you away from our networks and systems, including to the websites of our partners. Q&A declines all liability over the content, accurateness or the functioning of such third-party websites. Such links are provided in all good faith and Q&A may not be held liable for the contents of the third-party websites to which links are offered. The offering of links to other websites does not imply any approval on the part of Q&A. We recommend that you carefully read the legal terms and the privacy policy of all websites that you visit.

7. Processing of communications to Q&A – Security of emails

Any communication that is sent to Q&A by Internet shall not be considered as confidential. When you communicate with Q&A with emails, you must take into account the fact that emails on the Internet are not protected. Therefore, by sending important or confidential messages by email, in a non-encoded form, you accept the risks of such uncertainty and of the potential lack of confidentiality of the Internet.

8. Disclaimer of Warranties

The use of this Website shall be at your own risks.

This Website is offered to you on a ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis. Therefore, Q&A makes no warranty. In particular, we do not warrant that (i) the Website and the services provided by it are conform to your requirements; (ii) the Website and the Content are complete, correct, accurate, reliable, updated and that they do not infringe third party rights; (iii) access to the Website will not be interrupted or result in an error or that it is without virus; (iv) defects will be rectified; (v) the Website is secure; or (vi) any advice or opinion originating from this Website is accurate or reliable.

This Website may also contain information or documents regarding products or services that are not yet available to everyone. Despite the fact that Q&A strives to distribute its products and services as widely as possible, the reference to a product or service does not imply that it is or will be available to you.

Any information on this Website is subject to modification or deletion without notice.

9. Disclaimer of Liability

To the extent allowed by law, any liability of Q&A of its organs, of its delegates and of its agents that may result from your access of use of the Website is denied.

As a precondition to your use of the Website, you undertake to indemnify Q&A or any organ, delegate, agent thereof, for any damages (including court and lawyer fees), which may result from your access or use of the Website.

10. Forbidden Activities

Q&A reserves the right to prohibit (for instance by deleting the concerned content, by limiting or forbidding access to the Website) any act that Q&A may consider inappropriate and/or contrary to laws or regulations applicable to the Website, including (amongst others) the publication or communication through the Website of non-authorized information such as contents that, in our sole opinion, may upset, cause damages to or infringe the system and security network of Q&A or of third parties, or that contain defamatory, racist, obscene, threatening, pornographic or other unlawful or immoral statements. Q&A also reserves the right to delete, without prior notice, any link, ad or indication of a commercial nature published by a user of the Website.

We also retain the right to limit, suspend or cancel your access to the Website or to some functionalities or parts thereof without notice.

11. Severance

Should a provision of these Terms of Use or part thereof contradict Swiss imperative law, it shall be dissociated from the Terms of Use. The nullity of such provision or part thereof will not affect the validity of the remaining parts of the concerned provision or of the other provisions of the Terms of Use. Should a provision of these Terms be ineffective, totally or in part, it shall be replaced by a provision that produces the closest economic and legal effects.

12. Miscellaneous

The present Terms of Use constitute the entire understanding between Q&A and you regarding the access and use of the Website and the Content.

The fact that Q&A tolerates any shortcomings to your obligations under the Terms of Use, or that Q&A does not enforce a right recognized to it by the Terms of Use or by law shall not be construed to be a waiver by Q&A to rely upon them in the future.

13. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

To the extent allowed by applicable law, these Terms of Use are subject to Swiss substantive law.

Subject to mandatory jurisdictions designated by applicable law, the place of jurisdiction shall be Geneva (subject to an appeal to the Swiss Supreme Court).

Terms of Use updated on December 2017.

All rights on these Terms of Use belong to their author. Any reproduction, without prior license, is strictly forbidden.